DML has been located in the city of Montreal, Quebec since 1977. Over the years DML has developed close affiliations with numerous other merger and acquisition enterprises providing our clients with opportunities throughout North America and Europe as well.

DML Focus Of Activities:

1.  The purchase, sale or merger of privately owned companies;
2.  The divestiture of divisions of publicly owned companies to or with either publicly traded or privately owned companies;
3.  Venture capital financing;and
4.  Debt financing.


DML maintains ongoing relationships with a multitude of corporate buyers, sellers and financial organizations. This network represents a wide array of industrial and service organizations and enables us to provide our clients with invaluable and timely information on the status of industry trends and specific opportunities known only to DML.

As an entrepreneurial merger and acquisition boutique, we never accept more than a limited number of carefully selected mandates at any one time. This permits us the luxury to give our clients the attention they deserve and the results they expect.




Davidco Management Limited